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Quilting Service

Digitizing and
Custom Embroidery

Our shop features a Gammill Optimum computerized with the Statler Stitcher.


Quilting together one 
Heirloom at a Time.

Available Services 

    Basting for hand quilters
    Edge-to-Edge (Pantagraph)
    Custom Machine Quilting
    Complete Quilt Construction
T-Shirt -  Memory Quilts and more
  Binding Services
    Custom Embroidery



· Does NOT include batting or backing  



For hand or home machine quilters.
Basting will be done 4 to 5 inches apart.
x sq inchs
Pantograph Quilting
All over (edge-to-edge) pattern
x sq inchs
Semi-Custom Quilt Service
Example: All over (edge-to-edge) pattern in the center  and a separate border design.
x sq inchs
Custom Quilting  Service
SID, cross-hatching, echo quilting, individual block patterns, etc. and one separate border design.
x sq inchs

Binding Services (per running inch)
(Customer supplied/prepared binding.)
   * If I make binding add $0.03

Machine stitch to front
Machine stitch to front and back
Machine sew to front–hand stitch to back

Miscellaneous Services
Squaring, seaming, sewing, pressing,
Etc.  (Half hour minimum)
 $14.00 /hr
Custom Embroidery (/1000 stitches)
Up to 20,000 stitches
Over 20,000 stitches

(NOTE: All pricing subject to change without notice)

Lenth x Width = Square Inches

(Length x 2) + (Width x 2) = Running Inches


Quilt Preparation:

Batting must be cut 4” to 6” larger than quilt top.

Backing must be cut 6” – 8” larger than quilt top.

Verify that all seams are complete and that no open seams and/ or holes are present.

Back-stitch ALL exterior (usually the outer border) seam endings to prevent them from pulling open. This also applies to the backing fabric if it has been pieced.

Have quilt top and backing fabric completely pressed, making sure ALL seams are pressed flat.

Selvage edge of fabric should be removed from seams/edges of backing. The selvage edge will shrink differently when laundered causing puckering at the seam line.

Remove ALL pins, buttons and/or other embellishments

Have quilt top trimmed to final finished size. We will not “cut-down” a quilt top to fit a too-small backing.

Do not attach ANY binding fabric to the quilt top and if you intend to bind your quilt by bringing the backing fabric to the front, you MUST let us know that at your check-in appointment .

Lay your quilt out on a flat surface and verify that the quilt [especially the borders] lay flat. Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt and its borders cannot be quilted out. Although we try our best, puckers and tucks may have to be sewn in. In some cases, excessive fullness in borders may result in quilt corners not being square.

The flatter your quilt lays, the better the finished results.

   Contact Information

         573-256-Katy (5289)
    Snail mail
4804 Maple Leaf Dr, Columbia MO 65201
    E mail
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